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LMS365 - Learning Management Suite for SharePoint

LMS 365 | Course Creator & Catalog Add-in User Guide

  1. 1. The LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog

The LMS365 | Course Creator & Catalog Add-in is used for creating courses and training plans, and managing them in the course catalog. It allows adding content packages, learning modules, assignments, and quizzes to course sites (using SCORM & AICC Player Add-in, Learning Module Builder Add-in, Assignments & Grade Book Add-in, and Quiz Builder Add-in), assigning certificates to learners for course/training plan completion and provides a catalog of courses and training plans for users to enroll.






























Product: LMS365 Version: 1.5.14.X for: SharePoint Online

Modified: 5/2/2017 3:00 PM