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LMS365 - Learning Management Suite for SharePoint

LMS 365 | SCORM & AICC Player Add-in User Guide

  1. 1. The LMS 365 | SCORM & AICC Player Add-in

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) is used for creating units of online training material that can be shared across systems. SCORM defines how to create objects that can be reused in different systems and contexts.

It is created based on several public standards and is followed by major e-Learning actors like NETg, Macromedia, Microsoft, Skillsoft, etc. It acts on three levels:

  • − Economic level: SCORM allows whole courses or small content units to be reused on different Learning Management Systems (LMS) through the separation of content and context.

  • − Pedagogic level: SCORM integrates the notion of pre-requisite or sequencing (e.g. “You cannot go to chapter 2 until you pass Quiz 1”).

  • − Technological level: SCORM generates a table of contents as an abstraction layer situated outside the content and the LMS. It helps the content and LMS communicate with each other. Communication is performed by means of bookmarks (“Where is John in the course?”), scoring (“How did John pass the test?”) and time (“How much time did John spent in chapter 1?”).


LMS365 is compliant with Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training Committee (AICC) educational standard as well.

The LMS 365 | SCORM & AICC Player Add-in is an add-in that provides users with a list of SCORMs and AICCs along with their statuses, which allows monitoring progress in passing SCORMs and AICCs. It allows uploading content packages, gives Learners access to SCORMs and AICCs, and also allows them to view, review, continue, and delete their attempts.



When you are using the LMS365 | SCORM & AICC Player Add-in e.g. upload a SCORM or AICC package, run an attempt, etc. you are redirected from your O365 environment to This is the application host, which is an azure web service, and the application indeed handles certain actions with the help of it. Nevertheless, when you're redirected to, the add-in keeps connection to your O365 environment.


Product: LMS365 Version: for: SharePoint Online

Modified: 11/13/2017 2:50 PM