​​The LMS365 V1.5.2 update will be scheduled for Wednesday April 20, 2016 between 00:30 & 02:00 EST / 04:30 & 06:00 UTC / 05:60 & 07:00 CET

To prepare yourself for the changes you can watch a short 20 minute Webinar which will show you all the new features.


The update will see the following features added to the Course Creator & Catalog Add-in.

Enrollment Flow Management

  • Line Manager approval
  • LMS Administrator approval
  • Automatic approval
  • Ability for learners to cancel registration and enter cancellation message


​​​​​​Fig 1: Course List with Pending Approval Requests

Email notifications
  • Configurable email templates for:
  • Enrollment Approval Request
  • Enrollment Approval Reminder
  • Course Completed Confirmation
  • Enrollment Confirmation
  • Cancellation Confirmation
  • Pending Approval Confirmation
  • Reject Confirmation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fig 2: Email Approval Request Notification​ 

Other enhancements

  • New and improved User Interface and flow for the Course Creation and update pages
  • LMS Settings Page in Course Catalog Settings (for managing enrollment flows and notifications)
  • Pending Approval tabs in Dashboard and Course Catalog add-in Part
  • Changes in the course list such as:
  • Option to filter courses with requests that are pending approval
  • Page with course requests with ability to export to excel
​​​​​​​Fig 3: New & Enhanced Course Creation & Update pages

So what is involved and what do you need to do?

The update to the LMS365 Production Environment will be done automatically and all the new features listed above will become available to you in your LMS365 solution. The update will not affect the current implementations and you will need to configure your LMS / Courses to take advantage of this update, see upgrading to the latest version below.

For example:

  • To activate the email notifications you need to configure the account details to be used for sending emails
  • To control enrolment and use the enrolment flows you will need to edit the courses and select the enrolment flow you with to apply
  • To have the 'Pending Approval' tabs in the Course Catalog and Training Dashboard add-in parts you need to update the LMS365 Course Creation & Catalog Add-in.​

Upgrading to the latest version

To upgrade to the latest version you will need to download the LMS365 Course Creation & Catalog Add-in ​from our downloads area.

Once downloaded you need to install the add-in on your SharePoint App Catalog, for this you will need to have as a minimum SharePoint Administrator for your Office 365 Tenant or Global Administrator​ roles.

Once you have updated your add-in in the SharePoint App Catalog you will need to update the add-in's in your LMS365 Site Collection, this can be done by going to Site Contents and then click on .... and 'About', this will take you to a page where it will show that there is an update available for your add-in. Click on 'Get it' and following the SharePoint instructions:

If you have any questions about the update or need assistance updating your solution please do not hesitate to contact our Support Department.​