Update Notification

LMS365 V2.2.1.x Course Creator & Catalog add-in has been released to Production on Friday 10th of November 2017. Download the latest versions here: New Install or Upgrade

NOTE: LMS365 is deprecating the Course Catalog Add-in Part and Dashboard Add-in Part, these are replaced by the Course Catalog Web Part and Dashboard Web Parts available under the category 'LMS365' in the Web Part Section.

If you are running V1.x or V2.0 or V2.1 and are not using the Add-In Parts you can use the 'New Install' package to update your current solution.

If you are unsure you MUST use the Upgrade package as the 'New Install' Package will remove any existing Add-in Parts and will prevent you from upgrading the Course Catalog and Course Sites.

If you require assistance or have any questions that we cannot answer here please visit our Help Center where you will find our Knowledge Base.

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